Our Mission: The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.
Meetings are @ 7:00 pm, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, September to May at the Lorette Parish Hall.

Past-President: Lucille Chay

January 2024: Hello everyone, Auld Lang Syne, dear newsletter readers.  It has been a while since we have seen each other and there are some of us we will no longer see.  Let us celebrate this life and look forward to 2024 with joy and anticipation!   – Suzanne

December 2023: Greetings to everyone, What a lovely November we have been having!  I am glad for those who have to drive every day to work so that they don’t have to worry about ice and snow.  I am glad for the temperate weather so that I can get my decorations up in time for Advent.  But most importantly, I am thankful for all the blessings of the season of Advent and the ability to celebrate it in joy this year.
Merry Christmas to you all!  May the blessings of the season reach you and your home.   – Suzanne

November 2023: Hello everyone, I had more time to prepare the newsletter this month — I wonder why?!– so it’s going out a day early.  Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery. May God bless you and your home.  Enjoy the enormous blessings of family, home, warmth and food this early winter season and join me in giving thanks to our Lord! – Suzanne

October 2023: Hi everyone, three days late, but all complete.  May God bless you and your homes as we gather to give thanks for all He has given us. Please find attached the information about our Pancake Fundraiser to be held on October 21 at the Lorette Diner.  Contact us if you are interested in attending..  Suzanne

September 2023: Hello lovely people of God! It was a beautiful day today to be working on the newsletter, and He helped me finish in time.  Thank you, Jesus! I look forward to working with you again in the months ahead and seeing you out and about.  May you have a wonderful September! Suzanne

July 2023: Wow!  June was a VERY busy month for our council!  You will find the details inside the newsletter.  God bless and have a great summer!  Right now, I am watching fireworks from my sunroom and know that I am blessed to live in this great country.  Happy Canada Day, everyone!  Suzanne

June 2023: Hah!  I bet some of you thought I wouldn’t make it on time!  😄  I will be making another newsletter in July, so until then, enjoy this beautiful weather that God has given us. I will be seeing some of you this weekend for the MB Provincial Convention.  Can’t wait!
Suzanne 🙂

May 2023: Happy anniversary today to Jennifer & Too Opara!  So glad to be able to finish the newsletter after the AMM this past weekend.  
May the month of Mary and Mother’s Day find you surrounded with love.

Viva Christo Rey!
Suzanne 💓God’s blessings upon you and your home,  Suzanne Moore

April 2023: As we head into the most important week of the liturgical year, I wish you a blessed holy week and a joyous Easter.  And I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our Annual Meeting of Members at St. Mary’s in Beausejour, April 29th.  
God’s blessings upon you and your home,  Suzanne Moore

March 2023:
Let me give my excuses for a late newsletter!
First, just before our pilgrimage to Israel, I dropped my 7-year old computer and busted it.  I’ll deal with that when I get back.
Went on a 10-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land with my husband and upon return, turned around and went to the States for the weekend to celebrate our grandson’s birthday.  I got home Sunday night.
Monday, I tried working my shift at the thrift store and had to go home because of fatigue (jet lag, I presume).  Tuesday, I couldn’t move.  Wednesday, I forced myself to go to the city to purchase a new computer.  Came home and went to bed.  Still exhausted.
Today, I felt great and back to myself.  Better get the newsletter done!  I am using my husband’s old laptop that keeps shutting down when it feels like it and doesn’t hold a battery charge.  Talk about Lenten patience.  
Anyway, all is good and God is good!  The newsletter is done and I am awaiting my new and improved computer.  Hopefully, they were able to retrieve the files from my old one 🙁
May the Lenten season provide the time for prayer, fasting and alms giving for you as we ponder on our Lord’s sacrifice for us.  May God bless you and yours.
God bless us, everyone!      Suzanne Moore

February 2023:
Hello everyone, Can you believe that we’re 1/12 of the way through the year?  January went by so quickly and February doesn’t look too relaxing either.  LOL  May your Lenten journey bring you closer to our Lord during 2023.  

If you are not aware, you can listen to Fr. Mike Schmitz teach The Catechism of the Catholic Church in one year.   During each session, Fr. Mike reads a few paragraphs of the catechism, offers a reflection on them and leads us in prayer.  The sessions are not long; 15-20 minutes per day.  Although we have gone through 31 days already, it’s really easy to catch up.  You can find The Catechism in a Year on Spotify, Apple podcasts, or YouTube.   It’s an excellent way to learn about our Lord and our faith.
God Bless,
Suzanne Moore